Prophetic Theme: I Am Redeemed for The Topmost Top – Deut. 32:9-14

PRAISE THE LORD! You are all welcome to this BREAKING INVISIBLE BARRIERS & SPECIAL MONTHLY COMMUNION SERVICE. Expect every invisible barrier in your life, destiny and family to be destroyed TODAY by the Word and by the Mystery of the Communion, in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!


COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER: Our Daily Covenant Hour of Prayer resumes tomorrow Monday to Saturday in the Main Sanctuary. Time is 5:30 am. However, CHOP on Saturday starts @ 10 am, Venue is UPSTAIRS. Please, we are all encouraged to invite our Loved Ones, Friends and challenged Winners for an encounter. Remember to connect on our Free Conference Call Line @ 425-436-6367; Access Code: 172340#.


MIDWEEK COMMUNION SVS. Please be reminded that our Midweek Communion Service comes up on Wednesday, March 16th, 2022. Remember, we shall be waiting upon the Lord in a fast and break with The Communion. We are all encouraged to be in attendance. Please be a partaker and invite someone for an encounter, in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Time: 6:00 –7:30pm.


GOOD NEWS: CHURCH PLANTING CLARION CALL TO ALL WINNERS! By Divine Direction and by Prophetic Instruction, we are embarking on Church Plantation across California and surrounding States with immediate effect. All members interested in having a Church planted in their City or State are hereby directed to contact the Associate Pastor, Pastor Emeka Nwankpa, by calling or texting 323-335-9983.


PLEASE NOTE: Our Churches in Arizona and Nevada are now fully operational with Sunday services held at 9:00 am. We are all encouraged to inform and invite family, friends and colleagues that live in Phoenix, Arizona, and its environs, and also in Las Vegas, Nevada and environs.


FOR PHOENIX, ARIZONA: Venue: Arya Reception Hall @ 1316 SOUTH LONGMIRE, MESA, ARIZONA 85202. Please call or text the following numbers for details: 832-757-3478; 602-486-8804; 424-571-1540.

FOR LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Venue: 5333 S ARVILLE STREET, SUITE 206, LAS VEGAS, NV 89118. Please call or text the following numbers for details: 961-529-6493; 323-901-4389.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Inaugural Services for Winners Chapel International SACRAMENTO and Winners Chapel International OREGON are scheduled for Sunday March 27th. Details will follow in due course.


FULL-TIME PASTORAL ENLISTMENT. Please be informed that enlistment of Full-Time Pastors in this Commission is ongoing. Interested members with proven call of GOD upon their lives are advised to contact the District Pastor, Pastor Lanre Otukoya @ 770-837-7112 for further details.


BELIEVERS FOUNDATION CLASS. Please be reminded that our Believers’ Foundation School holds on Mondays over ZOOM for our Los Angeles district Church and also for our Phoenix, Arizona & Las Vegas, Nevada Churches at 6:30pm to 8:30pm. All our New Converts and New Members and those that have not attended this important class are required to be in attendance for a firm and fruit-bearing spiritual walk with JESUS. Please contact the Associate Pastor at Winners Chapel Int’ LA @ 323-335-9983 for details and ZOOM link.


PRAISE THE LORD! In pursuit of Vision 2022 Church Growth Mandate, our Second special “Come and See” outreach of the year shall be held on Saturday, 19th March. All members are expected to participate at their various platforms for corporate outreaches (such as Regional, Zonal, District, Provincial, etc.). Remember, what you do with the first determines what happens to the next.


OPERATION ANDREW WEEK: THIS COMING SUNDAY, is our OPERATION ANDREW WEEK. Every Winner is expected to come with at least one Brand New Soul and invite all challenged Winners for an encounter. May your engagement culminate in your supernatural change of levels, in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.


WINNERS SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP: Our Winners Satellite Fellowship holds in-house across California, Arizona, and Nevada States. Our WSF study focus for this month of March is “UNDERSTANDING BIBLICAL SUCCESS HABITS''. All Winners, including our New Converts and New Members and all those who have not identified with any WSF are strongly encouraged to be part of the experience for a lifetime encounter. The time is 5pm to 6pm Los Angeles Time. Please contact the Associate Pastor, Pastor Emeka Nwankpa @ 323-335-9983 if you desire your residence to become a WSF Center.


DOMINION BOOKSTORE @ WINNERS CHAPEL INT’L LA. Readers are leaders! Our Knowledge Resource located upstairs is equipped with Anointed Spiritual Christian Books and other materials for Your Spiritual Edification. Amongst others, the books of the month authored by Dr. David Oyedepo include:

* Following the Path of the Eagle * Exploring the Secrets of Success * Success Buttons * Success Strategies *Success Systems * Ruling your world


Praise the lord! NEXT SUNDAY, 20TH MARCH shall be our Covenant Day of Marital Breakthrough. It shall also double as our SPECIAL MONTHLY anointing SERVICE. Expect every marital delay and denial to be shattered and your glorious marriage this year. Also, every marriage in need of restoration shall be supernaturally restored, in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Come along with your New Converts, Friends and other Loved Ones. Service Time: 8 am. REMAIN EVER BLESSED! REMAIN EVER BLESSED!  JESUS IS LORD!!!JESUS IS LORD!!!