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  1. Biblical Business Strategies (BBS 202)

  2. To bring students to the understanding that God is not averse to business and inculcate in students the vital principles for starting a business and sustaining the success of that business virtue.


  1. Excellence in Ministry (EIM 202)

  2. To impart people with the knowledge of the steps to take to excel and attain their colourful destiny in ministry.


  1. Marriage Covenant (MCN 202)

  2. To bring to the understanding of the students what marriage and family is and enlighten them on what it takes to make the right choice and enjoy a successful marriage.


  1. Principles of Church Growth ( PCG 202)

  2. To teach students the biblical factors and strategies responsible for an ever flourishing church ministry and help them understand the principles of growth and its application to every area of life.


  1. Dynamics of Holiness (DOH 202)

  2. To show people precisely what the nature of sin is; what it takes to arrest it and the demands of a lifestyle of holiness.


  1. Dynamics of Signs and Wonders (DSW 202)

  2. To bring everyone into an understanding of the forces behind the miraculous and turn everyone into a miracle worker.


  1. Vision Analysis (VAN 202)

  2. To bring each one to the understanding what it takes to secure a divine vision and develop the spiritual sensitivity and discipline required for pursuit.



  1. Mind Dynamics (MD 202)

  2. To explore and reveal the treasures embedded in the mind and help students discover that they can fulfil their destiny of a happier and richer life through the correct use of the mind.


  1. Success Concept (SC 202)

  2. To help students determine the proper combination of factors for success and how to correctly apply such factors and be sure of success in life�s endeavour


  1. Faith Complex (FCX 202)

  2. To give students the understanding of what it takes to operate the complex aspects of faith, effectively tackle complex problems and obtain greater victories in life by operating in a greater dimension of faith.


  1. Principles of Supernatural Supplies (PSS 202)

  2. To help students understand the sufficiency of God, recognise the willingness of God to supply all needs and understands how God supplies to those who put their trust in Him.


  1. Understanding the Power of Praise (UPP 202)

  2. This course is designed to deepen the understanding of the students in the knowledge of the subject of Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship and expose the end time wisdom in Praise for Victory as ordained by God.


  1. Understanding the Anointing (UTA 202)

  2. The general objective of this course is to carry the students along in a journey in the school of understanding for greater manifestation of power. The course is designed to give a better understanding or appreciation of the personality of the Holy Spirit and how He functions, how to grow in the anointing and how to sustain the anointing.

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